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Where are you located?

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Other stores are giving me a discount, why can't you do the same?

This is a difficult question for anyone working in this industry to have to answer. Ever since there are ads online offering fake Designer Gowns for a lower price and many stores that are struggling with this business, many are offered discount just to close a sale. However, we all must still pay our rent and expenses to run our business. If a store is not getting their profits, they must get it somewhere, like higher alteration fee, shipping fee, etc. So, in the end the customers are still paying for the full price eventually, but just not aware of it until after they add the numbers up. Like the old saying goes, “If it sound too good to be true, it is usually not true.”

Why do you ask me so many questions about my wedding before offering me dresses to try on?

We take pride in ourselves to be professionals, therefore, unlike others; we like to assist our customers by getting to know what they are looking for. Since most gowns are protected by garment bags, it is quite difficult to see what is inside. We would like to know venue, day of wedding, and style preference, in order for us to choose the best gown for our customer on our racks.

Why do you ask for my budget? Is it that important?

We ask for your budget before we suggest any gowns because we want to make sure you are comfortable with the price range. Don’t fall in love with something beyond your means. Just remember, anyone can afford any dress available. With such a large array of gowns available, it is possible not to over spend.

Can we purchase gowns last minute?

The answer to this is “YES”. We once experienced a bride that flew in, and the airline had lost her wedding gown. She came into our store at 11 a.m. and left with alterations done, pressed for her to get married by 3 in the afternoon. The recommended time for ordering bridal gown is 6 months or more, bridesmaids are 4 months. Many manufacturers do also offer “Rush” service for a fee. Since we do have in-house seamstress, we are able to do “same day” alteration for out of town brides.

Let's get you ready for your big day.


“The level of customer service and individual attention I received at this store was unparalleled. The knowledge and attention to the details was phenomenal. This is a great store to start your search and after visiting many other stores, you may well find yourself returning to 'vows' to purchase your dress. A must have on the 'to visit' list! "

Nicole Burke

“This was the first shop I visited and the last. The owner and staff were wonderful, and really went the extra mile for me. We found the perfect dress on just the fourth try. Not only did every dress have a tag, the dresses they pulled were not even toward the upper end of my price range. The experience was so great, I bought my dress here even though I live and will be getting married on the mainland. The parking situation could be better but that is seriously the ONLY downside. Love it!"

Sara Mitchell


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